Top Gun Individual Projections 2017

Projections by Max Pearce


Lucas Byrd- LaSalle (7th state) *returning Top Gun champ, Ranked #12 in the nation by Flo Wrestling

Jacob Decatur- CVCA (6th state)

Brandon Hull- St. Albans (SQ)

Jacob Kuhlins- Tuslaw (SQ)

Wade Monebrake- Eaton (SQ)



Matt Cardello- CVCA (7th, 8th state) *Ranked #13 in the nation by Flo Wrestling

Landon Bowen- Huntington (SQ)

Andy Graham- Louisville (SQ)



Tristan Adkins- Huntington (3rd state)

Jack Gorman- Aurora (8th state)

Tyler Haskins- Ripley (SQ)

Alex Lucas- Minerva (SQ)

Gannon Petrullo- Dover (SQ)

Tyler Powell- Ripley (SQ)

Michael Kalosky- Trinity (2x Top Gun finalist)



Jordan Decatur- CVCA (2x Cadet National Freestyle Champion) ranked #1 in the nation by Flo Wrestling

Matt Fields- Walsh Jesuit (2nd state)

Hunter Kosco- Northwest (5th, 3rd, 5th state) 2x Top Gun Champ

Isaac Elliott- Tuslaw (6th state)

Jeffrey Boyd- McDowell (SQ)

Andy Garr- Aurora (SQ)

Derek Sharp- Marysville(SQ)

Chase Sommers- Lake (SQ)

Zach Williams-Hayes (SQ)



Ben Pasiuk- Carrollton (2nd state)

Jarrod Brezovec- Aurora (6th, 4th state)

Hunter Burdette- Ripley (6th state)

Leconte Merrell- Madison Comprehensive (7th state)

Errik Gerback- Marlington (8th state)

Elijah Bailey- St. Albans (SQ)

Leno Ciotti- McDowell (SQ)

Maxx Peters- Calymont (SQ)

Luke Wymer- Akron SVSM (SQ)



Corey Shie- LaSalle (3rd, 5th state) *Ranked #8 in the Nation by Flo Wrestling

Josh Humphreys- St. Albans (2x state champion)  

Will Jeffers- Huntington (2nd state)

Jacob Starkey- Ripley (4th state)

Chanderl Golec- Claymont (5th state)

Gary Define- Massillon Perry (SQ)

Andrew Fairbanks-Austintown Fitch (SQ)

Justin Shaw- Carrollton (SQ)

Parkar Utley- Alliance



Tyler Copeland- Wapakoneta (3rd, 5th state)

Clayton Stewart- Huntington (3rd state)

Cody Rhoads- Grand Valley (6th state)

Eric Beck- LaSalle (7th state)

Xander Gore- Olentangy (SQ)

Walker Heard- Marysville (SQ)



David Carr- Massillon Perry (2x state champion) *Ranked #1 in nation by Flo Wrestling

Zane Lanham- Huntington (2nd state)

Jake Marsh- Marysville (6th state) *Defending Top Gun Champion

Dylan Miller- West Branch (SQ)

Hunter Perdue- LaSalle (SQ)

Kyle Smith- Ripley (SQ)

Dakota Bunting– Claymont (SQ 2015)



Noah Bailey- St. Albans (6th state)

Michael McIntire- Akron SVSM (8th state)

Joe Koontz- Massillon Perry (SQ, 4th state 2015)

Dazjon Casto- McDowell (SQ)

Tarin Rauch- Claymont (SQ)



Chase Morgan- Ripley (5th state)

Ashton Eyler- Claymont (6th state)

Danny Minihan- Huntingtn (SQ, 6th state 2015)

Michael Baker- LaSalle (SQ)

David Heath- Akron SVSM (SQ)

Brenton Miller- Carrollton (SQ)

Emil Soehnlen- Massillon Perry (SQ)



Aidan Pasiuk- Carrollton (2nd, 4th state)

Zack Blackiston- Massillon Perry (8th state)

Julian Gorning- Fort LeBoeuf (SQ)

Dustyn Hutchison- Huntington (SQ)

Chance Morgan- Ripley (SQ)

Blake Wilson- LaSalle (SQ)



Max Wright- Hayes (SQ) *Defending Top Gun Champion

Anthony Jarvis- Ripley (SQ)

Jimmy Leonard- Louisville (SQ)

Jerrell Martin- Alliance (SQ)

Jake Paulson- McDowell (SQ)

Jaret Lester- Akron SVSM *Defending Top Gun Champion



Ryan Mills- Huntington (3rd state, 2nd state)

Bubba Arslanian- Aurora (3rd state)

Landon Hall- Wapakoneta (4th, 6th state)

B.J. Haynes- Ripley (5th state)



Matt Carrick- Massillon Perry (8th state 2015)

Ian Sharp- West Branch (SQ) *2x Defending Top Gun Champion

Austin Mathis- Grand Valley (SQ)


Top 10 Teams:

1. Massillon Perry

2. LaSalle

3. Akron SVSM

4. Aurora

5. Carrollton


7. Walsh Jesuit

8. Claymont

9. Huntington (2nd at West Virginia state tournament)

10. West Branch

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